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'Transparency', 2010

Transparency is a 12 metre long drawing in ink on tracing paper, depicting fragments of stills from media footage of, political speeches from the 2010 UK general election campaign, and news reports about coalition government policy in the 100 days after they came to power.

The drawing was first exhibited in my MA Fine Art show at Wimbeldon College of Art in 2010, but later I adapted it so it could be carried as a banner in the TUC 'March for the Alternative', 26/03/11, in London.  My kind freinds, and artists from the AIR campaign group, tirelessly carried the banner for 2 hours from Waterloo Bridge to Trafalgar Square. 

As a public sector worker and artist I was one of 500,00 people, peacefully marching to voice our concerns over the impact of the coalition government's policies on cutting public sector services and jobs.  As the artwork had originally been made with these concerns in mind, it was great to carry it as a banner through the London streets to draw attention to this cause, encouarge debate and even make police officers laugh. 

The work has since travelled across the country, as part of group shows concerned with communicating views on the political landscape; including, Manchester: Cuts and Grazes, York & Bradford: Spending Review, and London Museum & CMR Cornwall: with Save Our Placards!

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